Ministry of Liberation War Affairs MOLWA Job Circular 2024

Bangladesh’s Ministry of Liberation War Affairs (MOLWA) recently released the Employment Circular for 2024, which opens up opportunities for those who are looking for a meaningful career in the public sector. The circular has generated considerable interest among job seekers who are passionate about contributing to the country’s liberation war history and development. In this article, we will delve into the details of MOLWA’s Employment Circular 2024 and shed light on its importance.

The Department of Liberation War Affairs is responsible for preserving the rich history of Bangladesh’s independence struggle and ensuring the welfare of freedom fighters. Established in 1971, after the country was liberated from Pakistan, MOLWA plays an important role in honoring the sacrifices of freedom fighters and upholding the values ​​and principles they hold.

MOLWA Job Circular 2024

fought. The Employment Circular MOLWA 2024 offers a variety of positions at different levels, including managerial positions such as manager, assistant director and assistant director. In addition, there are positions available for research officers, public relations officers, accounts officers, and computer operators, among others. The circular aims to attract qualified professionals from a variety of backgrounds who can bring their expertise to the Department’s goals.

Ministry of Liberation War Affairs Job Circular

Organization: Ministry of Liberation War Affairs
Post Name: See the below
Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh
Total vacancies: See images
Job Type: Full-time jobs.
Job Category: Govt Jobs
Job Publish Date: —2024
Application Start Date:
Application Deadline: —2024
Sources: Online
How to Apply:

Ministry of Liberation War Affairs Job Circular 2024 Picture

To find job circulars in Bangladesh for the year Ministry of Liberation War Affairs Job Circular, I recommend visiting official government websites, job portals, or popular newspapers that often publish job Images. These sources will provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding Ministry of Liberation War Affairs Job Circular 2024 and related details.


Source: Online, —2024.

Application Method: Online.

Application Start Date: —2024.

Application The Last Date: —2024

Application Website:

One of the key requirements for these positions is a thorough understanding of the history of the Bangladesh liberation war and the ability to work to preserve its significance. Selected candidates will be tasked with conducting research, documenting war stories, organizing events, and engaging with freedom fighters to ensure their well-being. The recruitment circular seeks individuals with a strong patriotic spirit, attached to the nation’s history and dedicating themselves to the cause of liberation struggle.

Ministry of Liberation War Affairs Job Circular 2024

The Employment Circular MOLWA 2024 offers a unique opportunity for those interested in historical research, cultural preservation, and public administration. It offers the opportunity to work closely with freedom fighters, gain insight into their experiences, and contribute to their happiness. Selected candidates will have the privilege of being part of a dynamic group that strives to uphold the spirit of liberation war and uphold its values ​​in present-day Bangladesh.

In addition to the job opportunities it provides, MOLWA’s Employment Circular 2024 is of great national significance. By recruiting professionals passionate about the fight for liberation, the Department ensures its continued mission of honoring and honoring the sacrifices of countless individuals in the struggle for independence. Through the circular, MOLWA realizes the importance of preserving historical archives, raising awareness about the war of liberation, and arousing national pride in the young generation.

MOLWA Job Circular

In recent years, Bangladesh has seen a renewed interest in the history of liberation wars among young people. MOLWA’s Employment Circular 2024 fits this trend by providing opportunities for young professionals to actively contribute to the work of the Department and shape the narrative around the country’s independence. The circular’s emphasis on research, documentation, and outreach underscores the department’s commitment to ensuring that the stories and experiences of freedom fighters are preserved for generations to come.

In addition, the Recruitment Circular MOLWA 2024 emphasizes the government’s recognition of the importance of historical awareness in nation-building. By investing in experts dedicated to liberation war issues, the government demonstrates its commitment to honoring past sacrifices while using lessons learned to shape a good future. more beautiful. This circular is a testament to the government’s efforts in preserving and promoting Bangladesh’s rich cultural heritage, which is closely tied to the country’s liberation war history.

MOLWA Circular 2024

In a nutshell, Liberation War Department Recruitment Circular 2024 offers a unique opportunity for those who are passionate about Bangladesh’s liberation war history to help preserve and promote its legacy. The circular seeks professionals committed to conducting research, organizing events, and engaging with freedom fighters. By joining the ministry, successful candidates will play an important role in honoring the sacrifices of freedom fighters and ensuring their happiness. This circular not only offers job prospects but also underscores the government’s commitment to historical awareness and preservation of Bangladesh’s cultural heritage.

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